A boy to girlfriend
If I was an artist
U would b my picture
If I was a poet
U would b my inspiration
If I was an author
U would b my story
But I'm only a cartoonist

Sardar 2 friend: Guess how many
coins I have in my pocket?
Friend:If I guess right, u give me 1?
Sardar:Oji, I will give both of them

Telling a Lie is:
A mistake for a child,
An art for a lover,
An accomplishment for a bachelor, and
A matter of survival for a married man.

Boy1:Meet my wife Tina
Boy2.Oh! I know her
Boy2:v were caught sleeping together
Boy1:What the hell?
Boy2.during lecture in maths class

Think +ve:)

Boy: I am not rich like Andy;
I don't even have a big car like Andy.
But I really love you!
Girl: I love you too, but tell me more about Andy.

Tom: Why women live a better, longer & a peaceful life?
Sandy: Because, women don't have a wife.

Marriage is like a public toilet Those waiting outside

are desperate to get in & Those inside are desperate to come out..

Can we do romance in the midnight today?
I’m in a good mood:)
Just a little bit of kissing and biting!!
Reply me soon,
yours Loving Mosquito.

How do you identify a true music lover?
A man, when hears a woman singing in the bathroom,
puts his ear to the keyhole instead of his eye!

It’s wrong that Alcohol makes u fat... It doesn't!
It actually makes u lean...
Against bars, poles, walls, friends & strangers!

Girlfriend:It’s 2 tight
Boyfriend:Don’t worry,I’ll put it slowly,

Girlfriend:Push it in,
Boyfriend:Ah..I can’t,

Girlfriend:It’s painful,
Boyfriend:Forget it.
We’ll buy new WEDDING RING!

Postman: I have to come 7 miles to deliver this packet to you.
Santa: Why did u come so far? U could have posted it instead.

A man went to the Police Station wishing
to speak with the burglar who had
broken into his house the night before.

“You’ll get your chance in court,” said the Police officer.

“No, no no!” said the man.
“I want to know how he got into the house
without waking my wife. I’ve been trying for years.”

Commerce professor to a student:
What is the most important source of finance for starting business?
Student: "Father in law".

Positive thinking is like…..
U r standing on the middle of the road………
suddenly a crow beats on your head….
But you remain calm…
and thanks to God…
that cows dont fly:)

Wife: Darling today is our anniversary, what should we do?
Husband: Let us stand in silence for 2 minutes.

Beauty is not how you look,
It is not how handsome u r,
It is not your figure too...
Beauty is the inner self,
So change your underwear daily.

An engineering student to his peon brother:
I have got degree, I have got knowledge,
and I can sit in society. What do you have?
Peon: I have the job

Q: What did the gangster's son tell his dad when he failed his examination?
A: Dad they questioned me for 3 hours but I never told them anything.

What's the difference between wife and neighbour’s wife?
Wife is a chocolate, can have any time.
Neighbour's wife is like an ice-cream, should have immediately

Getting married is very much like
Going to a restaurant with friends
You order what you want, but
When you see what the other has
You wish you had ordered that.

How would you justify having two girlfriends at a time?
Monopoly is always damaging & competition improves service!

Dream makes everything possible,
Hope makes everything work,
Love makes everything beautiful,
Smile makes all the above...
So always Brush your Teeth.

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