13/11/2010 11:48

Two sisters, one husband (They are in War)

Two families in Ilorin have gone into unending war of hatred as a result of a strange union of beautiful twin sisters and a handsome man.
The twin sisters, Taiwo and Kehinde Edun (not real names) raised in one of the slums of the Tanke area of Ilorin had fallen head over heels in love with a young man, Hassan, (real name withheld), a fashion designer.

Saturday Sun found that the twin sisters had met Hassan at a child christening in the home of a friend who had invited both parties. This provided a forum for interaction between the twins and Hassan. Naturally, the twins, who had always loved to meet people together, interacted intimately with handsome Hassan who stole their heart with his good looks, sense of humor, intelligence and romantic mannerisms.
Charmed by these attributes, the sisters immediately fell in love with Hassan, described by friends as a ladies’ man. He had invited Kehinde to his house a couple of days later, but as usual, Taiwo had also insisted on accompanying her sister to his place.

As if drawn by some mysterious magnetic force, his charisma, charm and intelligence had impressed the two ladies so much that they subsequently fought in vain the craving to be with him always.
Although, it was gathered that Kehinde used to visit Hassan without Taiwo’s knowledge and that whenever Taiwo got wind of it, she used to get upset, they soon got used to seeing the same man and of course nursing the same feelings towards him.

On occasions when the two of them visited Hassan, they shared the responsibility of helping him do some domestic chores - cooking, sweeping, washing and running other errands. It started this way: mere friendship based on strong attraction. But strangely, it soon deepened into an intimate affair when, as neighbors revealed, Hassan began to have carnal knowledge of one of the twins. It was not specified whether that started with Kehinde or Taiwo. The reliable fact is that, at this stage, the other twin sister concentrated on helping in domestic chores while the ‘chosen’ one assumed the role of a wife. Later on, the two ladies moved into Hassan’s home and started living with him informally as wives.

Expectedly, the situation raised lots of concerns from neighbours and family of the twins. On several occasions, friends called Hassan to speak sense into him. Efforts were made also by well wishers of the twin sisters to make then see things beyond their lustful desires but these proved rather futile.
The twin sisters continue to act their chosen roles for their beloved Hassan. It was a shared role with clear distinction: one was giving birth to children; the other was doing domestic chores, serving her sister and ‘their husband.’

Friends who confronted Hassan for an explanation on his self-endowed double portion in marriage, were disappointed as he told them to mind their business. It was the same way the twin sisters turned deaf ears to warnings by their relatives and friends.

This was about six years ago. The trio, entangled in the strange affection sailed on uninhibited, in what could pass for their own ‘paradise’ on earth until when their families resolved to use other means than persuasion, eventually put a perpetual end to the strange union.
According to neighbour’s close to the trio, the family of the twins came calling on a fateful Friday. This time, they were prepared for war and indeed, war it was.

They had chosen to visit in the midday so as to create the scene in the public’s full glare. They had demanded that the twin who had not given birth in the union, packed her baggage and quit the relationship for normalcy to return. They met a serious resistance from the trio initially which resulted in a fracas and a bloody clash witnessed by the entire members of the slum. Hassan soon soft-pedaled when his family also intervened leading to another round of clashes. Subsequently the childless twin was sent packing.

Although, she had protested her eviction as unjust, her whereabouts after the incident remained unknown.
When Saturday Sun spoke unofficially to the people of the slum, the rumor is that she must have run to a place as far as possible to cover her shame: “If you were in her shoes, would you still stay around the same area you have been so disgraced.” A resident of the area who spoke on anonymity asked rhetorically.
When Saturday Sun contacted the sister still in the union, she was asked to confirm or deny the story. She kept staring blankly at the reporter. It was such a tension-filled atmosphere that prevented the reporter from taking her photograph. Her body language seemed to snap back that: “Why on earth is that your business if it was true?

Hassan was also contacted through a neighbour; he did not deny the story but declined granting an interview. His defence is that since he no longer lives with the two sisters, there is no ground on which he should be interviewed.



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