18/10/2011 17:17


Today is the sixth days, detained ace comedian Babatunde Omidina alias Baba Suwe, was still under observation by officials of National Drug Law Enforcement Agency, NDLEA.

Sources said the popular actor has not defecated since Sunday. Spokesman of the anti-drug agency, Mr. Mitchell Ofoyeju allayed fears, yesterday, that the drugs allegedly in Baba Suwe’s system could burst open, saying that could only happen if there was leakage in the wrappings.

The NDLEA image-maker said the actor was in good health, adding that it was normal for wraps of drugs to remain in one’s bowels for as long as possible until they

are finally excreted.

 He said: “Perhaps Baba Suwe is employing some drama into the whole exercise. There is no way we can release him except he excretes the drugs and relevant section of the law is applied. People have been calling to ask if it was not dangerous for his health going by the number of days he has spent with us without excreting the contents of his bowel. I told them that it is normal.

“There is no specific time limit within which to excrete the drugs. It can only become dangerous if there is leakage in the wrap system. So he is still under observation by a team of experts and he is in a stable condition too.

“It is just that for two days now, he has not defecated. We are still watching.”



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