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Elizabeth Anjorin popularly called Lizzy has been an actress for more than nine years with notable movies to her credit.

A graduate of the Olabisi Onabanjo University where she bagged a degree in Transport Management, Lizzy speaks on the challenges of being an actress in Nigeria and how  she has survived to make her mark.

w have you survived to make your mark?

Well, it’s very simple. When you go to Rome, act like a Roman.  Godfatherism is  killing the industry but if you want to succeed, you must follow the rules of the game.

I joined the Abeokuta caucus because it was close to my school and was less competitive.

The industry is getting bigger by the day and the strong ones are swallowing up the weaker ones.
I have succeeded in carving a niche for myself because  joining the caucus helped me a lot.

The caucus thing has become a melting point for anybody that wants to survive in the industry.

You look beautiful and healthy, what is your secret?

Nothing o! I just eat well and do what I am supposed to do at the right time. It’s simply the evidence of good living. I give glory to God in heaven for my refreshing outlook.

You have spent only a few years in the industry, yet you have a larger than life image. How did you do it?
I came into acting nine years ago and it was through a friend of mine, Seyi Ariyo (She baby).  I’d followed her to a location and before I 

knew it, my career in acting started off in earnest.

I cannot explain how it happened, but I must say that God has been very good to me. It was very rough when I started especially as a student. It wasn’t easy.

The stress of combining studies and acting roles was something else.

I have become a big girl as you rightly pointed out because I stepped up my game. I decided to feature in more movies and it’s really helping me. The industry is not for kids or dreamers. It’s simply for the strong and the bold. But to crown it all, the lord has been very good to me.

You shot and premiered a movie of yours Gold…

“Gold” as you know is precious and people tend to appreciate it very much.
Women are like Gold and therefore should be respected.

The story focuses  more on the  gender equality.   They are not supposed to be treated like animals. The womenfolk  should be respected and adored.

The film recorded a huge success and today I have new projects coming up. And anytime from now, I should be releasing another film into the market.

How was the reception  when you first emerged?

I was received well. I’m talented and respected in the industry. I have paid my dues by following the rules of the game. When I commenced, it was easy and beautiful but rough at the same time.

How was life on campus?

I had plenty of fun and I was an active participants in major scholl activities.
I was a political activist and a social ambassador of the school.

It was real fun for me. I can practically say that I did not miss out on anything while on campus. I experienced the good and the bad side of side on campus.

How have you been coping with stardom?                                                                                                                                              Anjorin Elizabeth

It has been demanding but really cool. I’m more careful now with my public appearances especially with the way I dress.

A lot of people see me as a role model and I always try my best not to let them down.

As an actress, people call you on phone every time, see you on the road, exchange pleasantries with you and all that,  but the rule of the game is, always wear a smile.

How comfortable is Lizzy?

I pay my bills, I don’t beg or complain. But you know naturally as human, I want to make more fortune for myself. Although I am an actress, I still do other businesses.

I have always been in business since childhood  and so my being able to combine business with acting gives me an edge financially.


A lot of people criticised me when I commenced but I give glory to God for making me great.
It wasn’t easy when I started, I missed lectures, but I was able to balance it up at the end of the day. The industry was not friendly when I started acting but along the line, they accepted me for who I am.

Have you been sexually harassed before?


Where do you see yourself in the next years?

It is only God that can determine what will happen tomorrow. I pray that God would preserve my life to do greater things.

When are you tying the nuptial  knots?

Ah!I am not getting married yet! I am not in a hurry. I am taking my time. Marriage is not something you rush into.
If you rush in, you would definitely rush out.

How do you relax?

I am an indoor person. I love watching movies and most of the times hang out with my friends. It’s just like that. I love to enjoy my free hours well; I also sleep to regain my natural vitality. (Laughs)

Which of your assets do you value the most?

I value my wonderful lips and my firm boobs. I always give God the glory when I look at myself in the mirror.



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