20/12/2010 07:12

Between Sasha and Nneka

One of the issues that were intensely debated immediately the MAMAs were over is how rapper Sasha beat international songbird Nneka, to winning the Best Female Artist category. Other contenders in this category were, Lizha James (Mozambique) and Barbara Kanam (DRC).

Many had tipped that if a Nigerian would win that category, it would be Nneka. Nneka has an international career and is more abroad than in Nigeria. She’s next to Asa in terms of international acknowledgment of Nigerian female acts.

Sasha’s been around for ten years and is still ‘making money’ from rap business. A lot of people argue that the musical expertise of Nneka cannot be compared to Sasha whose sole musical talent is to rap. Yet Sasha beat Nneka as the best female artiste to come out of Africa.

While many have decided not to accept MTv’s verdict (even though the plaque is sitting comfortably in Sasha’s house already), a lot more others have analysed the result in the light of actions and not assumptions.  A fan noted on Twitter: “I’m not a great fan of Sasha P’s music but the girls hustle has been consistent and that’s why its paying off!! Talent isn’t everything!”

This school of thought says Sasha knew what she was up against and so took decisive steps to give her a winning advantage. While the Storm family (Sasha’s label) engaged in intensive voting campaign and voting to give their artiste a heads up, Sasha’s huge fan base in Nigeria ( since she’s better known to more Nigerians than Nneka) not much (if at all any) actions, to stimulate favourable voting, were taken by Nneka’s foreign based management.

If this analysis is right, then it is logical that a more talented Nneka should lose to well-coordinated Sasha – even though we didn’t see it coming. It’s the firsttime Nigeria’s winning the category in the three years history of the event.



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