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Abeiku Aggrey Santana, the celebrated broadcast journalist known in private life as Gabriel Abeiku Aggrey, has revealed aspects of his life unknown to his fans: He has a deep affection for watching hard-core pornographic films!!!

The star-broadcaster explains that he watches pornography to constantly upgrade his sex skills and also serve as a unique way of entertaining himself. The ace broadcaster explains that he pays particular attention to the sex skills and positions that are displayed in porn movies and he takes lessons from them, it is no wonder that he has three children and is still expecting more.
The fact that Abeiku goes an extra mile to learn the act of sex may explain why he has a lot of female fans.

Though many Ghanaian men enjoy pornography, none has been bold enough to admit it publicly. Pornographic films and magazines sell a lot despite the fact that they are not advertised on the open market.
Abeiku is currently the main voice that draws listenership to the newly established Okay 101.7 FM, where he has earned a new job. He describes his movement to Okay FM as one destined by God and also because he wanted a change of environment for a place he could work with team players who would help him develop his talents. But reports say he was poached for an amount of money close to a million US dollars, in addition to a house and a brand new four-wheel drive.
Abeiku has established himself as a successful broadcaster with an enviable resume.

Abeiku has a Post Graduate Certificate in Public Administration from the Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration and also holds a B.A. Criminal Law from the Rochville University. He also attended the New York Paralegal School where he studied Paralegal Studies and in Ghana, he took a course in Public Relations, Advertising and Marketing at the Ghana Institute of Journalism.
He had his Advanced Level Certificate at the Ghana Secondary School.

Abeiku describes himself as someone who is highly motivated, determined, confident and thrives on challenges. He says he reacts positively to responsibility and enjoys participating in team projects, whilst being more than confident in his ability to work towards a solution single handedly, when the need arises.
Over the years, he has been a resourceful, logical and organized person with the ability to work to beat deadlines. He is also a strong, articulate communicator who integrates rapidly into new environments and establishes stable and positive interpersonal relationships at all levels.

He has travelled extensively through the length and breadth of Ghana, United States, UK, Europe, Africa and Asia. For hobbies, he loves reading, music, Theater Arts, tennis and socialization.





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